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Phonak is a Swiss multi-national company, a member of Sonova Group, specialised in the field of hearing for designing, development, production and worldwide distribution of technologically advanced wireless and hearing systems. With a legacy spanning over 60 years, Phonak has been present in India for nearly 20 years.

Phonak offers a complete product portfolio of hearing instruments and complementary FM systems that fit any user’s individual needs regardless of the type of hearing loss, lifestyle, personal taste, age or budget. A few salient features of some of the Phonak models are detailed below:

Audeo V

This is a comprehensive RIC portfolio for mild to severe hearing loss, designed to seamlessly fit into one’s lives. The Audeo series has twice the processing power and up to 30% less battery consumption with AutoSense OS next generation automation technology providing consumers with maximum convenience and a seamless listening experience.

Naida Q

Phonak Naida Q is the most complete, water resistant power portfolio covering moderate to profound hearing losses. Naida Q introduces significant performance enhancements across all levels, offering a host of features, based on Binaural VoiceStream technology. It is also compatible with Roger technology for improved speech understanding in noise and over distance.


Siemens stands for German ingenuity and innovation. For over 130 years, Siemens Audiology Solutions has been developing hearing instruments that are technically state-of-the-art so that one can offer customers the right hearing solution. In Siemens, one will have a wide choice between many different models and performance levels from the almost invisible CIC hearing instrument to the powerful BTE system. Some of its recent innovations are listed below:

The ultra-tiny, ultra-comfortable Insio is a discreet solution with the latest BINAX & MICON technology, optimised to fit the specific characteristics of custom hearing instruments.

Motion is a behind the ear hearing aid with the latest BINAX and MICON technology that is ideal for individuals with an active lifestyle: fully featured, hassle- free and reliable. With a stylish design, Motion comes in various sizes and models and covers almost all degrees of hearing loss.

Pure & Pure Carat are hearing solutions for those looking for a very discreet and powerful hearing instrument. Thanks to their small size, they are less visible and totally unobtrusive. Inside, they are packed with a host of innovations from Siemens BINAX and MICON technology to bring you the ultimate in sound quality and hearing comfort.


Dipnarayan Rakshit

We are very happy with the proper suggestions offered by the audiologist about selection of right type of hearing aid. we got appropriate service of repair of the hearing aid. Overall satisfaction is very high.

Dipnarayan Rakshit
Kankurgachi, Kolkata

Pushpa Bhatnagar

I took my 10 year old daughter to Aashivard Hearing Care. Mr. Sengupta really assisted me and guided me to take the right kind of aid that got perfectly fitted into her ears. She was excited and I am blessed by Aashivard Hearing Care solutions, offered me assistance and even discounts for the products. Highly recommend Aashivard Hearing Care.

Pushpa Bhatnagar