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About Us

AASHIRVAD HEARING CARE is a specialized, new-age centre for people with hearing disorders. Our objective is to help improve the lives of people who have complete or partial hearing impairment, with the help of ultra modern techniques and technology. We believe in understanding the specialised needs of our patients through detailed assessment and evaluation of their problems, and in providing them with effective diagnosis of their ailments. We especially emphasise on the after-sales service which is intrinsic to the treatment of hearing loss. We provide bona fide and unbiased recommendations to our patients, which best serve the interests of all the parties involved. Putting several years of our clinical experience to practice, we assist patients with different hearing tests including Pure Tone Audiometry and Impedance Audiometry Test, along with Digital Hearing Aid Trials. AASHIRVAD HEARING CARE specialises in fitting of Hearing Aids which are ‘Completely Invisible in the Canal’. For us, the needs of our patients are of paramount importance and we work towards ensuring no patient leaves the clinic unsatisfied.

Message from the Proprietor

The vision of AASHIRVAD HEARING CARE is to achieve the highest standards of clinical practices in the industry. Our primary and ulterior objective is to go the extra mile, and transcend the barriers of text book treatments. We ensure satisfaction and comfort of the patients with our prompt and earnest service. We are dedicated professionals working on the principles of honesty and sincerity. We hold upright the true spirit of audiology by dispensing correct treatment to the patients rather than the most expensive one. We believe in delivering the best with zero compromise on the qualitative aspect and have three core values of Action on Hearing Loss: People, Passion and Partnership. They reflect what we stand for and what we strive for. They guide how we act, behave towards others and go about our day to day work. At AASHIRVAD we know that the way we look after our clients is what sets us apart from the rest. We provide expert advice and full hearing assessments by trained audiologists. We are independently owned and operated and therefore do not align ourselves with one particular Hearing Aid manufacturer. Instead we offer the best solution from a wide range of manufacturers that best suit our clients needs.


Dipnarayan Rakshit

We are very happy with the proper suggestions offered by the audiologist about selection of right type of hearing aid. we got appropriate service of repair of the hearing aid. Overall satisfaction is very high.

Dipnarayan Rakshit
Kankurgachi, Kolkata

Pushpa Bhatnagar

I took my 10 year old daughter to Aashivard Hearing Care. Mr. Sengupta really assisted me and guided me to take the right kind of aid that got perfectly fitted into her ears. She was excited and I am blessed by Aashivard Hearing Care solutions, offered me assistance and even discounts for the products. Highly recommend Aashivard Hearing Care.

Pushpa Bhatnagar