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Hearing Services

Hearing Loss - Types & Degree

  • The degree and type of hearing loss form the basis for diagnosis of a hearing loss.
  • The type of hearing loss plays an important role in the diagnosis and rehabilitation of the hearing impaired.
  • Hearing loss can be classified into three types based on the part of the ear that is affected viz. outer ear, middle ear or the inner ear.
  • A defect in the outer and/or middle ear leads to a `conductive loss’.
  • A defect in the inner ear leads to a `sensorineural loss’.
  • The third type is a combination of the above two types known as a `mixed loss’.

How Aashirvad Hearing Care Offer Solutions:

  • Audiological Tests
  • Group Hearing Aid Fitting
  • Dispensing - Audiological Instrument
  • Dispensing - Hearing Aid Accessories
  • Custom Canal Hearing Aid Making
  • Digital Hearing Aid Reprogramming
  • Hearing Aid Fitting [Digital & Analog]
  • Hearing Aid Trial

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Dipnarayan Rakshit

We are very happy with the proper suggestions offered by the audiologist about selection of right type of hearing aid. we got appropriate service of repair of the hearing aid. Overall satisfaction is very high.

Dipnarayan Rakshit
Kankurgachi, Kolkata

Pushpa Bhatnagar

I took my 10 year old daughter to Aashivard Hearing Care. Mr. Sengupta really assisted me and guided me to take the right kind of aid that got perfectly fitted into her ears. She was excited and I am blessed by Aashivard Hearing Care solutions, offered me assistance and even discounts for the products. Highly recommend Aashivard Hearing Care.

Pushpa Bhatnagar